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LPN to RN:

Licensed practical nurses who believe that their knowledge base as well as their nursing experience has got a firm base can go one step ahead and grow to be a Registered Nurse. Though at a first glance, you will not be able to figure out any disparity between a RN and a LPN but the fact of the matter is that both RN and LPN are vastly different. The educational qualifications for each certification are different and so are the opportunities that each one has in store for you. A wide field of option is available to a registered nurse as they become more experienced, and these options cannot be availed by a licensed practice nurse, no matter how much experience or base of knowledge they have. For a Licensed practical nurses to prosper and to get promotions in their work field is essential to get RN certification. Though in the beginning you might get a satisfying salary, but by continuing their education in this field they can double up their chances to grow.

The transition program from LPN to RN program is specially formulated for the certified Licensed practical nurses who are looking forward to become certified Registered nurses with in a limited span of time. Passing the compulsory exam is the eligibility for the graduates of licensed practical nurse program to become a RN. The standardized test through which all the aspiring candidates have to pass is The National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN). Through this examination the candidate is tested on their medical knowledge, nursing proficiency along with it also fathoms your ability to earn the license of the registered nurse and carrying out their duties in an efficient manner. To go rolling in this field and pursue the responsibilities of a RN it is enormously important to ensure that you have fulfilled all the transition program’s requirements.

To begin with you should have pursued your graduation from a nursing program that is duly approved from the state board, having a minimum GPA of 2.5. You will be required to make a submission of all the required official transcripts along with an interview conducted by the faculty of the program. At last you will have to fill an application form of Nursing and Allied Health and submit before the finishing of the deadline date to the Division of Nursing and Allied Health.

The nurses who opt to cover the distance between LPN to RN through an online program have brighter chances to step up the ladder of career with minimum financial investments. The certified Licensed Practical Nurses who wish to be a Registered nurse are already doing a job in the field of nursing, so to have a grip of practical facet of registered nurse preparation become easier. Apart from this the nursing practitioners pursuing this program do not have to live alone far way from their family that does not really go with formal institutions running LPN to RN programs, which requires the person to both study as well as travel.

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